wtorek, 16 lipca 2013

'New' Twinkies weigh less, have fewer calories

twinkiesAfter an 8-month hiatus, Twinkies were expected to be back in stores nationwide on Monday.As promised last month, the relaunched Hostess Brands has brought Twinkies, Cup Cakes and other magical snacks back to America's store shelves after disappearing last November.At a time when America faces high obesity rates and tough federal budget choices, taxpayer dollars are funding the production of junk food ingredients. Since 1995, the government has spent $292.5 billion on agricultural subsidies, $19.2 billion ofHostess Brands, the new company that bought the rights and recipes to make Twinkies, says the iconic snack food is the same size as it was last November, when the previous manufacturer went out of business. But the fans aren't mistaken - for much ofTwinkies are back in stores. But most of the jobs of the people that make them won't be returning any time

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