wtorek, 16 lipca 2013

Jenny McCarthy joins 'The View'

On Monday, Barbara Walters confirmed the rumors that Playboy model-turned-anti-vaccine-crusader Jenny McCarthy would officially become a co-host on "The View" when it launches its 17th season on Sept. 9. "We love her because she's fun and Jenny McCarthy. David Livingston/Getty. Jenny McCarthy will share her controversial "View" on ABC in the fall. As the newest co-host on "The View," Jenny McCarthy will soon have a daily, nationally televised platform to "Jenny McCarthy's unfounded claims about the dangers of vaccines has been one of the greatest impediments to efforts to vaccinate children in recent decades," says Amy Pisani, the executive director of Every Child by Two, an international vaccinationLove in the Wild host Jenny McCarthy and New Kids on the Block singer Donnie Wahlberg are Hollywood's latest coupling, a

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