wtorek, 9 lipca 2013

Golden Corral accused of unsanitary practices

Golden Corral has responded after a video was posted online over the weekend that allegedly shows one of its restaurants in Port Orange, Fla. storing large quantities of raw meat near a Dumpster while the restaurant was DETROIT, MI - A troubling YouTube video from a from a Golden Corral employee in Florida has gone viral and led to health concerns about the national chain across the country. Watch the video below (more than 2 million hits since 7 a.m. Tuesday) andToday's going to be a long day for the public relations team for the Golden Corral restaurant chain. Thanks to some front page prominence on Monday morning's reddit news cycle, the company is going to have to deal with A Golden Corral restaurant in Florida is under investigation after a worker posted a video on YouTube showing raw food being stored next to an outdoor Dumpster. Brandon Huber's two-minute video

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