środa, 17 lipca 2013

George Zimmerman Wins Lottery? Only If You Read 'The Onion'

A California mother of four made a very fortunate mistake last month when she accidentally purchased a winning lottery ticket at her local CVS. window.google_analytics_uacct = 'UA-accountnumber-propertyindex'; var google_adnum = 0; /* only insert this line for your first ad unit */ function google_ad_request_done(google_ads) { console.log(document.referrer); var domain = ''; var domainParts Neetzan Zimmerman 5/06/13 5:45pm g 17,603L 47. 2 discussions The report indicates that Zimmerman purchased the winning ticket shortly after a jury of six women found him not-guilty of second-degree murder in a Stanford, Fla., court. "Yeah! All right!" he allegedly said. "I just figured why According to the satire site, Zimmerman won the $37 million Florida Lottery jackpot on Monday. The Examiner was one site who initially believed the article, running an article

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