czwartek, 18 lipca 2013

Future brightens for Trayvon friend Rachel Jeantel

Controversial George Zimmerman prosecution witness Rachel Jeantel told CNN's Piers Morgan Monday that the word "n--ga" - when ending with an "a" and not "er" - isn't racist. Yet in an interview with HuffPost Live During her hour-long interview with Piers Morgan last night, star witness Rachel Jeantel described how she and Trayvon Martin feared that George Zimmerman was a rapist following the 17-year-old teenager.RUSH: An entirely new perspective on this whole sordid incident was provided by Rachel Jeantel last night on CNN. Everybody's been under the impression that Zimmerman was a racist, and that's why he went after Trayvon. I went to great lengths yesterdayTrayvon Martin's friend and George Zimmerman trial witness, Rachel Jeantel recently sat down with HuffPost Live's Marc Lamont Hill during a candid interview to discuss

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