środa, 17 lipca 2013

For AL and Rivera, All-Star Game pitch-perfect

Mariano Rivera was all set up to save his final All-Star game — or so it seemed. Jim Leyland just wasn't about to take that chance. Summoned in the eighth inning to make certain he would pitch, Rivera soaked up a 90-second standing ovation and gotA man wearing a Robinson Cano shirt decided that it would be a great idea to run onto the field in the middle of the MLB All-Star Game Tuesday night -- but only if he got enough encouragement from Twitter. The Yankees fan After seven straight American League wins following the inception of the policy, the National League heads into Citi Field having won three straight All-Star Games, and consequentially, three straight World Series titles. In fact, in the first decadeMatt Harvey's family went to the celebrity softball game at Citi Field Sunday, which was part of the All-Star festivities, and the pitcher said his relatives told him,

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