wtorek, 16 lipca 2013

Anna Benson reportedly implicated in 1996 Tennessee murder

Benson, 38, who was born in Superior and pitched for five major league organizations from 1999 to 2010, said he feared for his safety. “He said she was screaming and out of control,” the report states, and was thumping her vest with the expandable baton.Former "Baseball Wives" star Anna Benson demanded $30000 from her estranged husband when she busted into his Georgia home with a gun, a loaded ammo belt,…A lot of people found out Anna Benson wasn't the one to mess with a couple of days ago. The Baseball Wives subject was arrested after she stormed into Kris Benson's—her husband and former pitcher—apartment with a bulletproof vest and a gun. It's a(Photo By Brad Barket) Anna Benson is the estranged wife of former MLB player Kris Benson and she is apparently even crazier than we could have ever im.TMZ has obtained the terrified 911 call placed by

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