piątek, 21 czerwca 2013

Kate Upton TOPLESS ... On a Horse

way topless on a horse. You're welcome. Now for some background: The video was taken during a recent modeling shoot Kate begins the session in the hopes she can keep her breasts covered by her hand -- but quickly realizes, there's just no way.We now know what in the Hell Kate Upton was doing hanging out with "Dancing With the Stars" dude Maksim Chmerkovskiy -- and we're still not happy about…Maybe Kate Upton's split from baseball player Justin Verlander didn't go well. The cover girl posted a tweet that seems to slight Verlander, though it was quickly deleted.Somebody's got some explaining to do because model Kate Upton and "Dancing with the Stars" pro Maksim Chmerkovskiy the most random two people ever…Sizzling Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model Kate Upton was spotted getting cozy on Wednesday night with Los Angeles Clippers star

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